BJ Miller Ted Talk:
What Really Matters at the End of Life

Emily's dear friend, Dr. BJ Miller gives an extraordinary TED talk about legacy and end of life.

What is the Power of AND?

Esteemed business consultant, author, and lecturer, Jim Collins, has famously said that, “Builders of greatness reject the ‘Tyranny of the OR’ and embrace the ‘Genius of the AND.’” According to this concept, we can “embrace both extremes across a number of dimensions at the same time—purpose AND profit, continuity AND change, freedom AND responsibility, discipline AND creativity, humility AND will, empirical analysis AND decisive action, etc.”

In this way, AND represents the greater possibilities in life. It also speaks to a sense of personal wholeness or not having to choose between the things in life that are important to you and that bring you happiness. In regards to the offerings that Emily provides, AND represents the alignment between your intentions and your financial resources. 

What makes the Power of AND so powerful?

Psychologist Stephen Goldbart and psychotherapist Joan DiFuria have jointly written about the importance of maintaining a mindset that focuses not just on the accumulation or management of wealth, but also on a sense of deep fulfillment. Having a connection between your money and your values allows you to feel good about what you’re doing. The process of exploring these issues inevitably leads to greater clarity around your relationship to money and your life’s purpose. In doing so, people often find that they are able to better express their own individuality and humanity, that their perspective of themselves and their lives expands and that their relationships become deeper and stronger. By adopting a “Power of the AND” mindset, we can pursue and succeed at ambitious goals while enjoying a life of joy and purpose. 

ES & the Power of AND

Emily Scott references this idea as being one of the core beliefs that drives her work and passion. She doesn’t believe that her clients have to choose between honoring and promoting their values and beliefs OR capitalizing on their investments. By framing the process of prosperity exploration and planning around the Power of AND, clients are able to tell a powerful story about who they are and what they believe in through their financial means. This lays the foundation for gaining greater insight into their hearts and experiencing an inspiration surrounding the possibilities of life. Using The Power of AND, Emily helps her clients gain clarity and comfort.