Case Study: Barbara

“While it seemed it would be a long process to help Barbara select the beneficiaries of her charitable trust, she informed me today that with your report she was able to identify all of the organizations she wants to support.

“I can say with certainty that in addition to giving Barbara the ability to make informed decisions about her giving, you have given her a thread of hope to follow.  Now she is engaged and motivated to know the organizations you presented and she has a much better sense of her potential impact. 'Thank you' is inadequate.  'Bless you' is more like it.”

- Barbara's Asset Manager

Emily was brought in by an asset manager to consult her client, Barbara, on bequest concerns. Barbara was eager to name 10-12 organizations in her trust to be paid out upon her death. She had a keen interest in five areas.  

Emily researched each field of interest, scanned for the top nonprofits, went through the due diligence process, and visited each site to assess the organizations. She determined if each organization had planned giving/bequest experience, endowments, the capacity to absorb a large gift, and what would be the best time schedule for that gift.

It was clear to Emily that the plan to be created allowed for fluidity in the fields of interest.  She developed a list of questions for Barbara’s trustees should particular organizations fail to meet their missions and/or obligations.  Barbara and Emily also spent time detailing her intentions, values, and beliefs so that, in the event the named organizations failed her tests, her trustees would have her guidance to fulfill her wishes with other nonprofits.

An additional benefit of the process for Barbara was having her passion being ignited. She started donating to these nonprofits in present time, building relationships with the executive directors, and joining communities of like-minded individuals.