Emily relishes any opportunity for deep connection.  In her talks, she explores difficult topics with candor, self deprecation, and humor.  Her unique combination of intelligence, passion, and accessibility put her audience at ease, enabling the listener to connect with her on a profound and intimate level.

What professionals say about Emily Scott


"Emily is a dynamic speaker who delivers her message with passion, energy and humor.  With her words and command of the stage, she paints a picture for the listener and not only engages their minds, but also touches their heart.    She is authentic, charismatic and captivating – everything you want in a keynote speaker!"

- Torie Sandvig
Vice President, Event and Production Services

"Emily Scott is a powerful and engaging speaker. Through a mixture of humility and storytelling, tied to salient details and facts, Emily is able to draw in an audience and leave them feeling empowered, ready for action. I have taught at universities ranging from U.C. Berkeley to UPenn, and wish that I had the innate capacity to connect with my students and transfer knowledge to them in the seemingly effortless way that Emily does." 

 – Daniel Heimpel
Founder and Executive Director, Fostering Media Connections



"At a number of benefits for our organization, she has spoken forcefully about the issues surrounding domestic violence.  Every time she spoke you could hear a pin drop - the audience listened so closely to what she had to say.  Her passion comes through loud and clear, and she has a good ear for what her audience needs to hear."

– Wendy Lavitt
Vice President, Nuzzles & Co.




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