What is the Power of &?

Emily Scott references the idea of the Power of & as being one of the core beliefs that drives her work and passion. She believes that her clients can honor and promote their values and beliefs and capitalize on their investments. By framing the process of prosperity exploration and planning around the Power of &, clients are able to tell a powerful story about who they are and what they believe in through their financial means. This lays the foundation for gaining greater insight into their hearts and experiencing an inspiration surrounding the possibilities of life. Using The Power of &, Emily helps her clients gain clarity and comfort.


"Emily's interest in people and what makes them tick is evident in her approach to her clients' needs.  Her high gain questions allow deeper feelings and thoughts to emerge.  Emily clearly follows her own philosophy, "come to the conversation curious," which makes any conversation more meaningful and more interesting. Her knowledge and non-judgmental approach takes that information and constructs next steps specifically designed for her client. She is very impressive."

– John W. Humphrey
Chairman, Humphrey Enterprises, LLC | Co-Founder, Former Chairman/CEO, The Forum Corporation

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"The Evolution of a Passionholic" 


What is a Passionholic?

noun, A person whose passion engages one’s being so completely that other pursuits pale in comparison.



Legacy Exploration

Wrestling with end-of-life decisions is not easy. Emily’s process for legacy exploration transforms what can be challenging into an experience of clarity, creativity, and comfort. The result is a legacy plan that is uniquely yours. Emily helps her clients and their teams develop a legacy plan that is tied directly to their goals, values, and passions and that expresses who and what has made their lives worth living. 

Philanthropic Direction

Your philanthropy is 100% choice. What areas resonate with your values and principles? What brings you joy? How do you want to help?  What vehicles make sense for you and your family? Through the process of philanthropic direction, Emily helps people find fulfillment in their philanthropic choices. Her hands-on coaching guides clients through the choices and complexities of charitable giving. 

Financial Prioritization

Understanding your financial priorities can give you a clearer sense of your financial picture, whether you’re currently experiencing a major life transition, simply want to take a more active role in managing, and/or understanding your finances.  By demystifying the account reconciliation process, Emily helps her clients to take control of their financial future. There’s tremendous value, comfort, and control that comes with financial prioritization.


Emily Scott works with individuals and families, and their professional advisors – wealth managers, accountants, attorneys, financial planners – to help align their goals with strategies that advance their passions. 


By serving as a confidential guide and facilitator, Emily addresses the issues and challenges of legacy planning, philanthropic choices, and financial prioritization. Through a process of prosperity exploration and planning around the Power of &, clients are able to create a meaningful and impactful story about who they are and what they believe in, through their financial means.

Ms. Scott’s role complements - not replaces -  the roles of financial managers, accountants, and lawyers. She leverages her strong analytic and strategic skills to help clients align their financial and personal intentions. This coordination with other financial and legal professionals allows for a disciplined and creative approach to developing solutions and strategies uniquely personal to the client.


What professionals say about Emily Scott



"Partnering with Emily complements my role as a wealth manager. Her competence in managing the details of account reconciliation and the complexities of moving cash between hundreds of partnerships lets me focus my time on big-picture issues and provide a truly holistic wealth management approach for affluent clients."

– Erik Gulsrud
Managing Director, Pathstone Federal Street


“Emily Scott is both a coach and a mentor in the complex world of philanthropic planning.  She knows her business. I can’t think of a better thought partner and advisor.” 

 – Dr. Glen Galaich
Former Chief Executive Officer of The Philanthropy Workshop

"Emily has that special combination of insight, integrity, intelligence, and humor that makes her both helpful and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her."

- Deb Wetherby
CEO, Wealth Manager, Shareholder, Wetherby Asset Management


"What sets Emily apart is that she is a philanthropist and has overseen tens of millions of dollars in philanthropic contributions where she was hands on in creating the strategy and charity selection. This appeals to gate keepers and makes an instant connection with clients."

– Nick Hodges
Senior Vice President & COO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors