How does Emily Scott work together with your financial team?

Many of Emily's clients are surrounded by knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, financial planners, investors, and consultants, yet they are still spending too much time worrying about money and too little time enjoying life. Working in tandem with legal and financial professionals, Emily respects and honors the critical work that they provide while functioning as their complement. 

Emily’s work centers on transforming the planning and decision-making surrounding financial issues from one focused on dry, legal, and financial details to one that explores who and what has made her clients’ lives worth living. By serving as a trusted partner in dealing with these often difficult and complicated issues, Emily provides earnest and honest discussions that are personal, meaningful, creative, and deeply inspiring. 

Emily’s guidance complements - not replaces - the roles of financial managers, accountants, and lawyers. She leverages her strong analytic and strategic skills to help clients align their financial and personal intentions. This coordination with other financial and legal professionals allows for a disciplined and creative approach to developing solutions and strategies uniquely personal to the client.