ES & the Power of AND

Emily Scott references this idea as being one of the core beliefs that drives her work and passion. She doesn’t believe that her clients have to choose between honoring and promoting their values and beliefs OR capitalizing on their investments. By framing the process of prosperity exploration and planning around the Power of AND, clients are able to tell a powerful story about who they are and what they believe in through their financial means. This lays the foundation for gaining greater insight into their hearts and experiencing an inspiration surrounding the possibilities of life. Using The Power of AND, Emily helps her clients gain clarity and comfort.

The Need

Too often, decisions are made in a vacuum. They are made with pragmatism and time constraints as driving forces, which limit creativity and mindfulness.  Wealthy individuals often have highly scheduled lives which relegate seemingly unnecessary, future-oriented topics to the back burner.  They may simply not have someone with whom they can talk about some of the more nuanced issues with which they are grappling.  This disconnected relationship towards one’s wealth can result in decisions that don’t express their true intentions. This is where Emily plays the pivotal role of professional confidante. She can make sure there is a cohesive and all-inclusive plan that pulls the pieces of the puzzle together.

Photo by Sonya Yruel

Photo by Sonya Yruel

A Complement to Your Financial Team

Many of Emily's clients are surrounded by knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, financial planners, investors, and consultants, yet they are still spending too much time worrying about money and too little time enjoying life. Working in tandem with legal and financial professionals, Emily respects and honors the critical work that they provide while functioning as their complement. 

Emily’s work centers on transforming the planning and decision-making surrounding financial issues from one focused on dry, legal, and financial details to one that explores who and what has made her clients’ lives worth living. By serving as a trusted partner in dealing with these often difficult and complicated issues, Emily provides earnest and honest discussions that are personal, meaningful, creative, and deeply inspiring. 

Emily’s approach

Emily begins by having a conversation in order to gain a full understanding of each client’s personal situation. She then leverages her strong analytic, strategic and research skills to craft the “story” that accurately reflects that person’s or family’s life as it relates to finances and their personal intentions. She keeps the discussions open and curious, allowing for a more expansive approach to developing solutions and strategies. 

Emily understands that discussions around touchy issues such as end-of-life decisions and what to do with large sums of money are very personal and often challenging to address. She creates a caring, comfortable, and non-judgmental space that upholds the strictest confidentiality at all times. She offers you "water wings" or a life vest to get you comfortable before navigating the waters.

The Benefits

Working beyond the purely mechanical aspects of financial planning creates a process that is more personal and rewarding, resulting in a plan that is truly consistent with one’s values and goals and that allows for greater possibilities in life. Working with Emily to achieve this plan has many benefits, both tangible and transformational, including:

  •  A practical plan to make significant progress regarding matters of money and the heart
  • Real-world resolutions to difficult and complicated financial decisions
  • Demystification of financial processes
  • Clarity regarding one’s values and goal
  • The confidence that comes from an expanded financial knowledge
  • Facilitation of difficult conversations, so that they don’t present roadblocks to making progress
  • A new perspective of your relationships with loved ones
  • True prosperity in a wholeness of self and life that is based on meaning, freedom, joy, and fulfillment