What is Philanthropic Direction?

Photo by Sonya Yruel

Photo by Sonya Yruel

Your philanthropy is 100% choice. With the plethora of areas in need and the many ways to be philanthropic, how do you choose?  Emily believes that a key component in your decision-making lies in aligning with your values and principles.  She calls this, "your personal Venn diagram."

Through the process of philanthropic guidance, people learn how to find fulfillment in their philanthropic choices. The hands-on coaching guides clients through the choices and complexities of charitable giving. 


What sets Emily apart

  • She has been a philanthropist for most of her life, having conducted the strategy and charity selection for millions of dollars. She has made the tough choices, made mistakes, had successes, and learned how to say yes and no. 
  • She has served on the board of directors for a variety of charitable organizations and foundations and has gained expertise in choosing boards, working on boards, and deciding why to be on boards.
  • She views her role as a coach, advisor, and peer, taking a hands-on approach to each engagement.

What Emily does and why

Emily‘s mission is to help people find fulfillment and joy in their philanthropic choices and achieve their definition of success. She works closely with you and others of your choosing to develop a philanthropic plan that is tied directly to your goals, values and passions.  

“There are a million advisors out there, but none I know of that give the client what they most crave – someone objective and supportive, but also knowledgeable and nurturing.”

– Guy Lampard
Partner, Aperio Group

How she can help you

Emily understands the world of philanthropy and charitable giving.  She can help you answer these and other questions:

  • How do you start thinking about philanthropy and combining it with your personal goals?
  • Do you want to build a charitable giving strategy into your current or future estate plan?
  • How can you target charitable organizations that closely match your interests and beliefs?
  • Should you consider a donor advisor fund or a family foundation?  
  • Is it better to give a lump sum payment or spread the donation over a period of time? 

The Process

Emily starts by listening. By delving into who you are and what your goals are, Emily helps her clients to first achieve a definition of philanthropic success. Through these conversations and her subsequent research, Emily paints a comprehensive picture of your personal philanthropic profile. 

Next, Emily explores different strategies to most effectively reach their goal of philanthropic success. She helps her clients consider different possibilities for what they might do and discuss how to make those choices practical, informed, and impactful. Finally, Emily provides a full report detailing a philanthropic plan that is directly tied to her clients’ goals, values, and passions. 

What professionals say about Emily

"Few decisions are more personal than those surrounding philanthropy - whether you want to donate your time, money or experience.  Trying to make the most of your contributions requires examining your passions and developing a strategic plan towards these goals.  Emily is very gifted at asking the right questions, offering honest feedback and advice, based on her years of personal experience."

– Yali Lincroft
Program Officer, Walter S. Johnson Foundation


“What sets Emily apart is that she is a philanthropist and has overseen tens of millions of dollars in philanthropic contributions where she was hands on in creating the strategy and charity selection. This appeals to gate keepers and makes an instant connection with clients.”

– Nick Hodges
Senior Vice President & COO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors


“Emily Scott is both a coach and a mentor in the complex world of philanthropic planning.  She knows her business. I can’t think of a better thought partner and advisor.” 

– Dr. Glen Galaich
Former Chief Executive Officer of The Philanthropy Workshop


“I can’t think of anyone better suited to help donors find their passion and direct their philanthropy.”

 – Kristina Schaefer,
Senior Associate Dean, MIT Sloan School


“Emily has a smart and effective approach to advancing social causes.  She is a devoted, experienced and thoughtful philanthropist.”

– Alexia Everett
Senior Program Officer, The Stuart Foundation