What is Legacy Exploration?

Photo by Sonya Yruel

Photo by Sonya Yruel

Over the years, Emily has been close to and shared many end-of-life experiences: people of all different ages, circumstances, family/friend dynamics, and feelings about the process of dying. In every case, she has seen how much the care and attention given to personalizing a living will and estate plan matters. Doing so offers comfort, direction, support, and love to the people who must make decisions at a time when they are most in grief and often least able. 

Wrestling with end-of-life decisions is not easy. Emily’s process for legacy exploration transforms what can be challenging into an experience of warmth, creativity, and comfort. The result is a legacy plan that is uniquely yours – personal, imaginative, and loving. Through this process, Emily helps her clients to develop a legacy plan that is tied directly to their goals, values, and passions and that expresses who and what has made their life worth living. 


Emily Scott helps by…

  • Beginning a conversation about your legacy and the people, causes, and values in your life
  • Guiding you to legacy plan without knowing when the end of your life will be and who or what will be in your life at that time
  • Giving you a safe space to fully express your intentions, interests, beliefs, and feelings in your planning
  • Combining practical, problem-solving with the heart and deeply personal

The Process

Emily starts by listening. Together, Emily and her client talk through a wide range of end-of-life questions and decisions. This conversation helps illuminate who and what matters to the client and how their vision, values, and experiences hold meaning for them. Through these conversations and her subsequent research, Emily paints a comprehensive picture of the issues surrounding her client’s legacy. 

Next, Emily explores different strategies to celebrate and honor the relationships in her client’s life. She helps her client consider different possibilities for what they might do and discuss how to make those choices personal, creative, and loving. Finally, Emily provides a full report detailing the discoveries and dilemmas that emerged during the discovery phase, along with a framework of do-able action items that will bring a resolution to these issues, leading to a comprehensive legacy plan.

"Emily threads needles so well. She is the full package of heart and mind and some of the best ears around. Combine that with how fiercely and fully she operates, and you have a godsend of an advocate, advisor and steward. Planning the close of a life is not for sissies, but there's great beauty awaiting anyone who does so, especially with Emily's help."


-Dr. BJ Miller, Palliative Care Specialist
Zen Hospice Former Executive Director
Author and TED speaker